Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An active lifestyle

Connor’s been having a great time in his activity chair lately.  Sometimes I think it’s not so much the chair as just the more interesting vantage point if offers.

An active boy

We are having so much more fun with Connor these days.  It’s actually rewarding to hang out with him.  I went to the Y yesterday for what used to be my normal Monday-night class so I didn’t get to see Connor in the evening at all.  I know that time for myself is good for me and I refuse to feel guilty about it and I plan to keep having that time as often as makes sense.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss the little bit of time I normally have with Connor in the evenings between picking him up from the sitter and him going to bed.

This motherhood thing is a balancing act, that’s for sure.


Grammie said...

I assume there was video there...I saw it on FB, but others might not have been so lucky! Grammie

Anonymous said...

Different video and shows up fine for me.

McHusband said...