Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday fitness report

I know you’re disappointed that there aren’t any sweaty post-workout pics in this post.  Maybe next time.

I had a great week regarding my exercising:

  • Saturday: A class at the Y plus some elliptical-ing.
  • Monday: A 32-minute run followed by walking lunges and squats in the driveway.
  • Tuesday: Supposed to be boot camp at the Y but it got rained out and I ended up getting a 50-minute personal training session.  Win!
  • Wednesday: Long walk with Monte.
  • Thursday: 15-minute jog to warm up then a 45-minute personal training session.

I’m not sure how much REAL exercise I’ll get this weekend.  The McHusband’s traveling so I won’t make it to the Y on Saturday, and I have a lot of cleaning to do because Bri and the girls are coming up next weekend.  Just vacuuming the den and sweeping the kitchen isn’t going to cut it this time around.  Chores and our normal weekend morning walks are going to have to be enough this weekend. 

I’m okay with that being the case sometimes because for the near future at least, I don’t think I have much choice.  This is my new normal.

I guess he’s worth it.



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