Monday, July 28, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

We had some visitors this weekend.  My sister Bri and my nieces Maxie and Lyla came up to see Connor all of us.  Bri said the girls were pretty easy to please as far as treats went; simple chocolate chip cookies would hit their sweet spot.  I went with a cookie cake just to save myself some time.


Of course, no cake is complete without frosting.


This cookie cake baked up perfectly.  I did cover it at the 15-minute mark as the recipe suggested.  The edge had a crispness to it but it gave way to a chewy interior and then the rest of the cookie cake was dense and chewy.

The cookie cake was a hit with Lyla and Maxie AND with us adults.  I will definitely keep this recipe in my collection and use it often since I didn’t need any special ingredients and it was easier to make than several batches of cookies.

I’m keeping this short and sweet today.  We had a VERY late night on Saturday (3 a.m. or so) so I’m more sleep deprived than normal.  Hopefully I’ll have a full weekend recap for you in a few days.

{Recipe here}

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Erika said...

Ok that cookie cake looked professional! Those are Evans fav!!! And I love the maternity dress...I used to do the same thing! Get your monies worth, right!? :)