Thursday, July 3, 2014

On the map

We got a magazine about our town in the mail and I was flipping through it last night when I came across this page advertising some upcoming tenants in our nearby shopping center.


I already knew about Loft, DSW, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wendy’s and the CineBowl.  But Mellow Mushroom was a VERY welcome surprise.  Now, I have to admit something.  I’ve said that our area has more than enough Italian/pizza joints and the last thing we needed was one more.  But Mellow Mushroom isn’t just one more, and I’ll be welcoming it with my open mouth open arms.

All these national tenants are quite a coup for our little ‘burg.  I sure am glad the McHusband and I invested in this area 10 years ago and decided to stick around and wait for businesses and people to expand out toward us.

Happy Independence Day Eve!  Hope everyone’s looking forward to a fun-filled three-day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about Bed Bath and Beyond or Mellow Mushroom! Awesome!