Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Kevin and Jenny were in Charleston this past weekend and they participated in a triathlon. Jenny said her goal was to not die, and I'm happy to report she was successful in meeting that goal.

She looks pretty happy on the bike.

Still happy. Sweaty, but happy.

Kevin looks much more serious.

Chase and Papaw watched the action from the comfort of a wooden swing.

Look at the bike caddy that Papaw bought to cart Chase around. It even has a cup holder!
Congrats, Kevin and Jenny!


McMom said...

That little bike buggy holds LOTS of stuff behind the KID!! Had I known this, I would not have had a small Grammie backpack on my back that was leaking MY OPEN iced tea all down MY back!! It would have been riding upright and smoothly behind Chase! He really did like his new RIDE! Much more than he did the PeaPod thing for sleeping in!! McMom

Gma said...

Congratulations! Did you enjoy such that you will continue training for future races or are you ready to hang up the bike?

Most impressive for sure!