Sunday, August 23, 2009

Women's Night (Not be be confused with Ladies' Night)

I hosted Women's Night for some of the ladies in the neighborhood this past Friday. We had a good-sized group show up - there were about 15 of us. I made a couple appetizers then did a light dinner.

Appetizers: Black Bean Hummus and Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread. If you like olives, definitely give the bread a try. It was easy and yummy. The hummus was really good, too, and very healthy. The only downside was one of the ingredients - tahini. It was hard to find (it's by the peanut butter in case anyone needs some), it's expensive, and you buy it in a pretty big jar or bottle so you have a lot left when you only need two tablespoons.

My French bread was defective; it had two big holes in one half.

I just worked around the holes and everything turned out fine. Sorry, no pictures of my final product, but here's PW's bread.

I set the food, drinks, and glasses up on the counter by the fridge.

Dinner: I made Chicken Cups, fruit salad, Chilled Marinated Asparagus, and an Asian coleslaw.

The chicken cups are a combo of two recipes. I used this recipe to figure out what to do with the biscuits and how long to cook them, and I used this one (minus the water chestnuts) for the filling.

Dessert: I made the McMom's Oatmeal Cake and guess what? No one tried it. Hmph. Fine, more for me. And for the McHusband's coworkers since I'm sending it to work with him on Monday.

I think everyone who came had a good time, and the food was enjoyed by the people who tried it. I learned that when you have JUST women over for a party, you really just need a few things: wine, diet Coke, and chocolate.

I sure wish someone had let me in on this secret a little sooner.


Gma said...

It all looks so tasty. Are these women, er ladies crazy or what? I'll take two platesful of everything! Might have to let it settle before I dig into cake and a cup of coffee, but there's no way I'd turn it down either.

Next time you decide to put on a spread like this give a holler to the Mowris girls. We like food and especially when it looks this good! Do ya think the McKenzie women, er ladies, just don't eat? Must be some really SKINNY ladies in your neighborhood!

Yzabela said...

I already get hungry:)))