Monday, August 31, 2009

Fresh Corn Pudding

Chelle and Jeremy ate dinner with us last night. (More on why they were over in another post soon. Stay tuned. For now, I'll leave you with this hint: we used a nail gun, the McHusband's new toy.)

We each had a tenderloin, and they'd cooked some corn on the cob the night before so that was a side option.

Chelle and I went to Allrecipes to do a recipe search. We typed in what we had (corn, butter, milk) as well as ingredients we didn't have (cream cheese and sour cream) and we got a lot of options. We ended up choosing Fresh Corn Pudding.

We actually doubled the corn to 4 cups (2 cups fresh, 2 cups from a can), cut the butter back to 3/4 of a stick, only added 1 tsp of salt, and threw in about a cup to cup and a half of shredded Co-Jack cheese. Oh, we also added some onion powder and garlic powder.

Results? I'll let the 9 x 13 dish that served 4 tell the story.

It more than hit the spot - we all went back for seconds. If you're looking for something easy and not too bad for the waistline, I recommend giving this a try.


G'ma said...

Sounds to me like you're getting the hang of "this cookin' thing" - you're not tired of it yet are you? I want benefit of some of these yummy things you've been making!

McMom said...

I don't know much about the waistline comment and "pudding" being used in the same post..... I will give you my yummy recipe for frozen niblets corn with the cream cheese in can use LIGHT cream cheese. I think Ryan said once that he LOVED it??? It all started when McDad was in college and I came home from work and lo and behold he had pulled out a recipe book ( back in the olden days before the internet) and found this recipe and COOKED it WITH some BBQ chicken for dinner to surprise me.... indeed I WAS !!! McMom

Jenny said...

You have been a cooking fool here lately!!! I just wish I was closer to benefit from it all!!!