Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend in SC

The McHusband and I spent the weekend with Kevin, Jenny, and the kids.  We headed to Anderson Friday morning and stopped in Charlotte for lunch and leaving Morgan and Monte with the McInlaws for some quality grandparent time.

{By the way, I asked them when we picked the dogs up which they preferred: two young kids (Chase and Leah are almost-5 and almost-3) or two dogs and they chose the kids.}

We arrived in Anderson just before 5:00 and had just finished our tour of the house when Kevin got home from work.  We had grilled chicken and twice-baked potatoes and since Chase ate so well, he got his treat of choice (and there was no shortage of them, believe me): some of the Funfetti Cookie Cake that I made.




And speaking of all the treats…


Jenny made the spicy pretzels and some fabulous Caramel Brownies and also had some of the McMom’s chocolate zucchini bread; I made the cookie cake and cherry chip oatmeal cookies and brought zucchini bread, some leftover blueberry crumb bars, and a tub of Zachary’s Orange Slices since I know Kevin likes those.

And I can’t forget the Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup we used to make sundaes out of Jenny’s brownies.  I’m surprised my pants fit me on Monday when we left.

To help offset all the yummy treats we enjoyed, we did make the effort to get in some exercise both weekend days.  Saturday morning, Jenny and I ran a 5k course so Jenny could practice for one that she has coming up next month.  The boys ran around the neighborhood, which is quite hilly and while the McHusband challenged himself running sprints up the inclines, Kevin ran with both kids in the double stroller.

Just to make sure our bodies didn’t get too used to all our healthfulness, we had a French Toast Casserole for brunch.  It was delicious and I think we’d all recommend it.


That afternoon, Jenny and I treated ourselves to pedicures and I got a gel manicure, but I was boring and used clear nail polish.  The manicure is supposed to last for 2 to 3 weeks.  It cost $20 but the salon had a 10% off special.  If it lasts closer to 3 weeks, it’ll definitely be worth it.  My nails are super shiny, and they look so nice.  Anyway, I will let you know if I get my money’s worth or not.

That night was double date night.  The kids had a sitter and we adults went to Trio for dinner then walked through downtown Greenville to end up near our second destination, Spills the Beans.  While we waited for our dinner to settle a bit before we indulged in dessert, we walked around Falls Park on the Reedy where we spotted a huge trees with lots of exposed roots.  Of course we couldn’t pass up that photo op.

Sunday morning had us up early for church then home for a snack for the girls and lunch for the boys.  Jenny and I did backyard boot camp while Kevin and the McHusband went mountain biking.


Don’t we look fresh and ready to go?




Our sweaty selfie at the end.


When Kevin called the house using speakerphone as he and the McHusband were driving home, Jenny heard the McHusband say, “Your husband tried to kill me.”  Apparently the bike ride was pretty tough.  Jenny’s response?  “Then we’re even because your wife tried to kill me.” Smile 

We had a wonderful time visiting and really appreciate Kevin and Jenny letting us take up their weekend and, more importantly, take over their master bedroom.

I’ll be back with some pictures of the kiddos.  I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have, but we got a few cute ones worth sharing.

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