Monday, September 9, 2013

A sweet recommendation + the weekend

I saw these new ice cream sandwiches in the Food Lion near my office a few weeks back and finally picked some up this weekend.

Between them being a Skinny Cow product AND being limited edition, there was no way I could resist them.  The McHusband and I split one after our dinner last night and we both wished we’d had our own because it was quite tasty.  The cinnamon wasn’t overpowering, and the oatmeal cookie wafers were just perfect.

Don’t miss out on these – get ‘em while you can!

The McHusband and I spent Friday night in the Crossroads area, having dinner and fro-yo and doing a little shopping.  He was looking for polos and I was looking for maternity clothes, especially pants.  I did end up finding a sweater dress, one pair of black pants, and some tank tops at Old Navy.  It’s a start.

I was up at 7:15 Saturday morning so I could make it to Body Pump at the Y.  I wasn’t sure I was going to stay for the class, Power Hour Extreme, right afterward like I normally do, but I saw that the instructor was one I really liked so I stuck around.  Two hours of exercise, not a bad way to start the day.

That night, the McHusband and I went to dinner at Maggiano’s with Heather, Bruce, Shawn, and Vanessa.  Bruce and Heather drove so we figured we’d return the favor by buying them their drinks and/or dessert.  Check out this Chocolate Zuccotto Cake.  My hand is as close to the cake as I can get without actually touching it.


This thing was divine!  It was served chilled.  The cake was moist and dense, it was as rich as expected without being overly sweet, and the mousse layers were a dessert all by themselves.  And don’t let the picture fool you.  This wasn’t a SLICE of cake, it was a WEDGE of cake.

Yesterday was the usual: chores, laundry, spinning.  I made us a comfort-food dinner of turkey-quinoa meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes, and steamed cauliflower.  The meatloaf was very good and we will definitely be having it again.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their two-day reprieve from the grind.  The McHusband and I both thought the weekend went by really quickly, I think partly because we were busy and partly because we were coming off the long Labor Day weekend.  I can’t believe we have to wait until the end of November for our next break.

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McMom said...

Definitely want some of those Skinny Cows! Those sound awesome! Less calories than wine! McMom