Monday, September 30, 2013

Yummy Monday

Hello, hello, happy Monday!  What better way to start the week than talking about food, right?  I wish I had mouthwatering photos for you, but I forgot to take pictures of the bars until the light would do them no justice and the casserole, while tasty, was just plain ugly.

I made Crazy for Crust’s Funfetti Gooey Bars Friday night. 

Funfetti Gooey Bars by | These are the best gooey bars I've ever had!

(Photo via

They were a last-minute treat that I threw together for the McHusband to take to a fundraiser of sorts for his friend Byron’s daughter, Melaney, who has been fighting valiantly against cancer.  I don’t know if my bars were of any value once they arrived at the sale, but hopefully they were enjoyed by someone other than the McHusband, who snacked on the edges that I cut off so my bars would be pretty.

On Sunday, I made some nanaimo bars, banana bread, and then some actual real food, this quinoa casserole but I subbed lean ground beef for the chicken.  The McHusband and I both really enjoyed the casserole, which is good because we’ll be eating it all week.

And the last thing I made this weekend?  A copy cat Frosty recipe that the McHusband and I enjoyed during the Breaking Bad finale.


I spent time outside the kitchen, too.  I took my two classes at the Y Saturday morning then spent the afternoon in the yard pulling weeds, planting some pansies, and placing some mums. 


That night, the McHusband and I saw Don Jon with Heather then got some froyo afterward.  Sunday was the usual in addition to all the baking: laundry, cleaning, some catching up on my shows (including Hostages and The Blacklist, two shows that lived up to their hype), a spin class, and bathing the dogs.

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends!

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