Friday, September 13, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Turkey & Quinoa Meatloaf

Happy Friday to you guys!  I can hardly wait for this weekend to get here already.  According to the weatherman, the humidity’s going down this afternoon and the temps are soon to follow.  And who am I to doubt the weatherman?  A smart lady, that’s who.  But I’m going to believe him this time because I so want him to be right.

But enough about the weather, let’s talk about food.

Last Sunday, I gave the McHusband a few options for dinner, including stuffed peppers and this meatloaf.  Even though the weather was still quite summery, apparently the McHusband was in the mood for comfort food because he opted for the meatloaf.  I decided to add baked sweet potatoes and steamed cauliflower to the meal to round things out.  Good – no, great – calls on both our parts.


I overbaked the meatloaf a touch so it wasn’t as moist as it should’ve been, but the flavor wasn’t affected.  It was delicious!


I especially enjoyed the glaze – the NON-ketchup – glaze on top.  Who knew water, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce would be so yummy?


The recipe says this makes 5 servings, but I got more than that out of it.  Still, if you did divide it into five “slices,” you wouldn’t need to feel guilty since each hunk would only have about 260 calories.

I want to make this again sooner than later so I can cook it for just the right amount of time.  I told the McHusband that I have a hard time cooking two things at once in the oven.  Guess I really showed him, huh?


When the weather does finally cool down and fall descends upon us, keep this meatloaf on the radar.  It wasn’t the quickest thing to put together since you have to cook the quinoa, onions, and garlic beforehand, but it’s not difficult either.  Just something to keep in mind in case you don’t normally have a lot of time on a weeknight to get dinner on the table.  Just like in our house, this might be a Sunday-night meal. 

Of course, pretty much every meal is a Sunday-night meal.

Hope everyone around here has a reason to spend some time outside this weekend.  Tomorrow, the McHusband and I are going to take Monte to the new dog park that just opened in Fuquay.  Other than that, I’m not sure what’s on our agenda besides the usual: exercise, cleaning, laundry, that one homemade meal, and definitely some baking.

TGIF!  Oh, and be careful today.  It IS Friday the 13th…

{Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf}

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