Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend recap and fun at the lake

Here’s how my to-do list for the weekend looks now.

  • Sleep in

  • Wash our bedding

  • Watch two movies that I have recorded

  • Clean our bathroom

  • Exercise at least two of the days

  • Eat red meat

I did everything on my list, but not quite enough of  one thing, namely the exercise.  I only worked out for real once when I did backyard boot camp late in the afternoon on Monday.  Way to squeeze it in under the gun, huh? 

Otherwise, my “exercise” consisted of walking the dogs, cleaning the house, and holding the couch down.

I watched Premium Rush and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The former was entertaining enough and fun while it lasted, but the latter was entertaining and provocative and memorable.  I wasn’t interested in the books, but if they make additional movies out of the rest of the books, I will definitely want to see them.

On Sunday, the McHusband and I invited ourselves out on the boat with Chelle and Jeremy.  They were camping at the lake and picked us up from a nearby dock.  We spent most of the afternoon hanging out in Party Cove (where regulars throw out their anchors and tether together to hang out) but ended the day with some water skiing and surfing.

The McHusband is a pretty good water skier.  I think if he spent more time on the water, he’d be able to do some tricks and get some real air as he crossed over the boat’s wake.


The McHusband goes water skiing


Having said that, in the name of full disclosure, his dismounts, while dramatic, could use a little work.

The McHusband does a split

Once the McHusband was done, it was Chelle’s turn to go surfing.


The McHusband and Casie, Jeremy’s sister, sat on the back of the boat to help keep it down in the water, which aids in making the wake just right for surfing.


Once Chelle felt good on the board, she dropped the rope and surfed like a pro!


Doesn’t Chelle make it look so easy?

As for me, I was Jeremy’s backseat driver.



All in all, I’m very happy with how my Labor Day Weekend worked out.  I had lots of chill time and adequate chore time divided over the three days.  I’m starting this week so much more rested than I did the last one.  Plus we’re having pizza during a lunch meeting at work today so I’m a pretty happy girl.

Hope the rest of you had as good of weekends as I did!

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Gma said...

Go McSon-in-law! Chelle makes the surfing so darned easy!

So, when are you going to adventure out of your comfort zone and try some water sports?