Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Banana Pudding Cake with Nilla Wafer Streusel

I will be making this cake again (and again and again), and I will be looking for any excuse to use this streusel recipe.


The cake recipe happened to pop up in an Allrecipes email, and I knew I had everything necessary to throw the cake together.  I added some cinnamon chips as well as about a teaspoon of Penzey’s Cake Spice.


As is the case with most banana breads, muffins, cakes, bars, etc., this only tasted better and better with each passing day.  And the texture?  Absolutely perfect!  It had a tighter crumb than a regular cake and it was very moist.


Because this was a banana PUDDING cake, I got to thinking that it needed some Nilla Wafers.  Maybe a crust?  Or…a streusel?!  Thank goodness someone had already gone there for me, and I could piggyback off them.


I crushed my wafers by hand so there were some ground crumbs as well as some larger chunks of cookie.  Can I tell you something?  No streusel will be complete for me from now on without cookies in it.


If you have a couple overripe bananas pleading their cases to not be thrown away, then make this cake.  With the fruit in it and cinnamon, it could easily pass for a breakfast dish and just think how happy your coworkers would be if you showed up Monday morning with this.


Before I go, a quick peek behind the scenes at my apprentices.  Morgan does her best to stay in the sun and Monte?  Well, what you DON’T see in the picture is the air vent because he has his butt completely covering it.




{Cake recipe adapted from here}

{Nilla Wafer Streusel}


McHusband said...

I highly recommend these!

Natalie said...

realllly love banana pudding-so this sounds right up my alley!