Monday, September 16, 2013

{Recipe Recaps} Mexican Food and Banana Bread

You know I like to share treats with you on Mondays, a sort of spoonful of sugar to help get us out of weekend mode.  I didn’t make anything overly decadent this weekend, but I figured a food post is always a good subject here in McMania no matter the day of the week.

I got a new Cooking Light last week and immediately picked out no fewer than 10 things I wanted to make.  I made two things on that list this weekend: the banana bread from the cover and the chicken enchiladas.

I also made some cookies and that Banana Pudding Cake with the Nilla Wafer Streusel.  I had plenty of ripe bananas to use up and since no one at our offices got to sample the deliciousness of that cake, I figured I needed to make it again to share.  This time, I made 1.5 times the streusel topping.  Next time, I won’t hold back; I’ll double the topping.

But back to the new recipes.  The banana bread was pretty good.  Not the best I’ve ever made, but for being somewhat healthy, it was tasty.  I took the liberty of adding some cinnamon chips, some of that wonderful Cake Spice, and a teaspoon of vanilla.  The McHusband seemed to enjoy it as much as some of the full-fat, calorie-heavy breads I’ve made before.

The chicken enchiladas were better than the bread, but they also took a lot more time and effort.  The way you cook the chicken with the water and chicken broth and veggies definitely didn’t seem worth it.  I tried some of the shredded chicken and it didn’t taste special.  That being said, you use the liquid from cooking the chicken with some salsa verde and cream to make the sauce so I suppose it might make a difference there.


The McHusband asks me frequently to make him quinoa to have as a side to his heated-up grilled chicken and chicken sausages during the week.  I finally did what he wanted and made a big batch of Spanish-style Quinoa for us to have with our enchiladas and so we can have the leftovers this week.  I added some chicken meatballs to mine so it’s lunch-in-a-bucket.

Hope your week’s off to a good start!

{Chicken Enchiladas}

{Banana Bread adapted from here}

{Quinoa adapted from here}

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