Friday, August 15, 2014


I’ve been waiting to use that title. Winking smile

Connor’s six months old today and you know what that means:  shots.  Poor guy, he just thinks I’m picking him up early from the sitter cuz I love and miss him so much.  The first rounds of shots were hard on him and me, but I think today’s are going to be especially rough for me because he’s such a little person now, and I hate to see him hurting.

Before people went poking him with needles, he had lots of fun rolling around on the floor.  He’s a pro at going from back to tummy to back and can scootch himself around to where he wants to go pretty well.  I don’t think we’ll have long to wait until he’s crawling.


His life’ll be improved once he realizes he can remove stuff from his face.  In the meantime, he has a mom who’s happy to rescue him from face-eating bibs. (Don’t mind the cupcake, that was the afternoon I was making Vickie’s birthday treats.)


He’s trying to make his getaway from the mat.




We got him to lay on his back for a few beats, but getting to hold still is asking too much.


I’ll be back next week with his official six-month post once we get him measured at the doctor and I get his pictures taken.

TGIF and have a great weekend!


Gma said...

Connor: Happy Half Birthday!
Mommy and Daddy: Although at the time it may not have seemed so, time has flown by. I hope that during these last six months that you learned: 1) To not worry about messing up. 2) You won’t love every minute, but you’ll love that baby more than you could ever imagine. 3) Life will never be the same in a thousand ways. 4) You won’t like all the changes or phases, but you’ll grow through them. 5) Stick together. 6) Laugh as much as you can. 7) Embrace the chaos that is - and will continue to be - your new normal. 8) He's worth it all.

Erika said...

Can't believe how much he's changed! His hair is getting so much lighter! 6 months already!