Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Party animals

Two weekends ago, we traveled to Matthews (just outside of Charlotte), then Clover, SC (just over the border), and finally ended up in Greenville, SC for a wedding reception.  All in the same day.  The McHusband’s cousin had gotten married in Cancun the previous weekend, and then he and his new bride had a local party to celebrate.


We took the pack n play and put Connor down, but he didn’t stay that way and soon joined the fun with his cousins Leah and Chase.


Family photo: the McHusband, me, and our kid, Deer Inthe Headlights.  But we call him Connor.


Cousin Henley was a happy little party animal.


While her mom and siblings broke it down on the dance floor.



Grammie even joined in the fun!


Speaking of Grammie, let’s rewind to when we were less sweaty at the beginning of the part.  Jenny got some photos of Grammie with her grandkids.



Leah wasn’t in the mood to smile, but check out this picture of her at the table when we were eating.  Gorgeous, right?


Okay, fast-fowarding back to later in the evening when we were all sweaty and overtired.


Poor baby could barely keep his eyes open.


We wrapped things up with a group shot…of tequila.



We headed back to Matthews that night.  We really appreciate the McDad driving us, and we were especially grateful that he stopped at that McDonald’s on the way so the McHusband and I could get cheeseburgers.  Best. Cheeseburgers. Ever.

Who says family fun can’t involve tequila?

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I have never heard that last statement....I thought it was ALWAYS ......