Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our recent visitors

My sister Bri and nieces Lyla and Maxie visited us the last weekend in July, arriving on Friday afternoon.  They really came up to see Baby Connerd, as Maxie refers to her newest cousin.


Lucky for them, Connor was due for a bottle right after they got to the house so they got some up-close-and-personal time with him (whether he wanted it or not) right off the bat.


He was a little unsure of the new person feeding him while being surrounded by two other unknowns so I helped him finish his bottle while the girls continued to visit with him.



After Connor’s bath and bedtime, we grown-ups ate turkey burgers.  While the McHusband grilled those, Maxie and Lyla found a productive way to pass the time.


Were they hunting Easter eggs?


Searching for moles?


Looking for buried treasure?


They struck a deal with the McHusband where he’d pay them a penny for each gumball they picked up.  Somehow that expanded to include rocks so before too long, the bucket was too heavy for Lyla to move but it still wasn’t even a third full. 


We wondered if Lyla would remember that the McHusband owed her money and guess what?  Right before they left on Sunday, Lyla held out her hand and said, “Pay up!”  He did honor his end of the bargain with an approximation of what was owed.  I think the girls came out ahead in the end.

After their dessert, it was time for the girls to go to bed.  They slept on a mattress in the bonus room while the dogs were relocated to the laundry room.  The McHusband had to do some quality control.



On Saturday, Bri and I took the kids up to Charming Charlie’s, a store Bri had heard about but never been in.  We wandered through its color-coordinated sections then went to A Children’s Place before having lunch at Tijuana Flats.


Once home, I did some prep for that night’s girls’ night in, and Lyla helped me keep Connor entertained. 


And later, she lent a hand during Connor’s bathtime.  Such a good helper!


(I don’t have any food pictures, but you should definitely make this Artichoke Dip Bruschetta.  It was decadent!)

The McHusband organized a guys’ dinner and visit to a new brewery in town and then most of that group came back to our house afterward.  We were having such a great time that it was close to 3 in the morning before we called it quits.  Totally worth being exhausted all last week as I struggled to recover from getting less than 3 hours of sleep, but I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

We had a little time for playing first thing Sunday morning.  Lyla showed Connor some of her best dance moves then it was time to get dressed and pack things up.


We thoroughly enjoyed having Bri, Lyla, and Maxie visit, and we really appreciated them making the drive to spend the weekend with us.  Love you guys!

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