Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I did more socializing than planned and didn’t get the nap that I wanted, but I did get lots of cleaning done.  Even the dogs got baths, thanks to the McHusband.  In my defense, I was bathing the two-legged kid.

Now it’s Tuesday and I think it’s harder to be back at work today than if this were a Monday during a regular week.  We need more three-day weekends, that’s for sure.

I did some baking over the weekend: two kinds of bars and a batch of cookies.  I should’ve made something with the ripe (and getting riper) bananas on my counter, but I opted to make things harder on myself and make cookies.


The recipe didn’t say anything about letting the browned butter cool before combining it with the sugars.  I thought about it, but I figured the recipe knew better than I did.  There wasn’t an issue with this first step, but later when I added the chocolate chips and the mixture was still warm, my chocolate melted somewhat into the dough.


I used semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips and also threw in some toffee bits.  Luckily, the latter add-ins stayed crunchy.


These cookies had a great texture.  Not cakey at all, but chewy with a  slightly crisp exterior.  For the texture alone, I would make them again.


Oh, one other important thing I did differently, besides mix up my mix-ins, was to refrigerate the dough.  I just didn’t think starting with such a warm dough was a good idea as I figured the cookies would spread out way too much.


I thought these were about the perfect thickness.


My final deviance from the recipe, and something I think all chocolate chip cookies need, was to add a sprinkling of sea salt to the dough before baking.


I thought these cookies had a good flavor, and I would make them again, but there are other recipes I prefer.  The McHusband thought they were terrific and said he thought they tasted malt-y, but there isn’t any malt in them.


I would like to try this recipe once more but I’d wait for my butter to cool first so I can judge the recipe based on how the dough tastes when not flavored by the chocolate.  If I do so, I’ll be sure to come back and let you guys know what I think.  But don’t hold your breath because you know cookies don’t happen too often around here any more.  Cookie bars on the other hand…

{Recipe adapted from here}

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