Thursday, September 25, 2014

What-am-I-gonna-watch-Wednesday (on Thursday)

(I was having technical difficulties Tuesday night that prevented me from publishing this, which was doubly frustrating because I had the post written and ready to go, but the computer wouldn’t cooperate.  It barely did what I asked last night.  So I apologize for being a day late, but lucky for us the show in this post is on tonight so we didn’t miss it.)

I’m oh for two so far with my new shows.

Madam Secretary got messed up on Sunday because of football.  I’m already not a fan of football and then the sport goes and screws up my TV-watching plans.  Not cool.  Then I couldn’t record Gotham on Monday because my DVR was already tied up recording The Voice for the McHusband and The Big Bang Theory for me. So I guess the On Demand channel and I have a date on Friday.

So far, tonight’s returning shows, Modern Family and Nashville, should be fine.  Then I have a full plate tomorrow: Bones and Grey’s Anatomy at 8:00, How to Get Away With Murder at 9:00, then Scandal and Parenthood at 10:00.

Back to HTGAWM.  That’s Shonda Rimes’s new show and I’m excited for it.  I don’t generally love courtroom shows like Law & Order, but I love (love love love!) The Good Wife.  Hopefully HTGAWM falls on the same side of things at The Good Wife.  I’ve liked Viola Davis ever since she played an FBI agent on a short-lived show called Traveler (with another favorite Matt Bomer) and then she sealed the deal with The Help.

Show preview

Anyone else looking forward to this new show?  If you watched either of the other shows that I missed, what did you think?

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McMom said...

Why can't they make a DVR that knows when the football game is OVER to record what comes on after it? Not based on what the clock says. And then if you bother to add the extension, you don't know how much more to record and may still miss the ending! Annoying.....mcmom