Monday, September 8, 2014

We’ve been hit

I never get sick.  Really, I mean that almost literally.  I am the healthiest person I know, and the healthiest person many other people know.  The McHusband could come home with mono, I wouldn’t take any extra precautions, and I wouldn’t catch that super-contagious illness.

But Connor comes home with a cough, and both the McHusband and I catch it.

Those kid germs are lethal, I tell ya.  Apparently we’re all working on building up our immune systems these days.

Luckily we don’t feel too bad, and Connor doesn’t seem to either so we’ll just let this bug run its course and get back to our life as we know it soon enough.

Sorry I don’t have a sweet treat for you today.  I did do some baking, but one thing was just boxed brownies (Duncan Hines, my favorite) with the new caramel Nestle DelightFulls added to the batter, and the other thing was just eh in the flavor department and iffy in the texture department.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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Erika said...

You are right!!! The kid germs are the absolute worst!!! Evan and I have been the sickest we've ever been the last 2 winters thanks to Ethan. It's been rough, and trying to build an immunity to it is a work in progress for sure. Hope this winter isn't too bad for you guys!