Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve

Yep, we’re going back to 2014.  And I’m going to drag these posts out halfway (or so) through the first month of 2015.

Connor had his first Christmas on the 24th.  We didn’t want to take his few gifts with us just to bring them back home, plus this would allow just the three of us to have a Christmas morning together.

The McHusband got Connor a couple pairs of shoes.  DSC_3656DSC_3657

He wasn’t too sure about them…


Until he tasted them.  They passed the test!


Next up, a gift from my dad, Connor’s grandad.  Also, note to self: clothes, hair, and make-up first next year.


Clothes!  Connor’s – okay, MY – favorite.


Then came some gifts from me.  Connor was thrilled to receive some outlet covers.


As well as a couple new sippy cups and some plates.  Even essentials are fun when they’re wrapped up!  Right?


Next up were a couple gifts from the McHusband’s Aunt Glenda.  We got a fabric book that we took with us that day to “read” in the car, and this little toy Radio Flyer.  Isn’t it cute?


Connor says, “Thanks, Aunt Glenda!  By the way, did you see my new outlet covers?”


I think it’s because they sounded like a rattle, but he just loved those things.  I gave them to him when he was in the jumper and he had a ball bouncing around and shaking them.  Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.

Connor’s “big” gift from us, which he didn’t get until we got back, was his little car. 


You’ve seen it in the Instagram photos.  He really likes his car.


So that’s the first part of Christmas.  Just two more to go!

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