Friday, January 23, 2015

Detox update

Okay, it’s been about 10 days since I started my detox.  I am the first to say that I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long.  For someone who generally didn’t go more than a few hours (much less days!) between hits of carbs and Coke Zero, it’s a pretty big deal.

How do you feel?

I never felt terrible like I was warned.  Apparently some people feel like they have the flu around Day 5.  There were a couple of times when I had some hot flashes and felt light-headed, but those feelings didn’t last long.  One thing that seems to be generally promised is better sleep.  Not in my case.  Or maybe it’s because the McHusband’s not on this diet and getting better sleep and he’s waking me up.  I’m definitely disappointed not to be getting 6.5 quality hours of sleep as opposed whatever time my crappy hours add up to.  I assure you, most days it doesn’t feel like I logged more than 5 hours of zzz’s.

I had to get accustomed to the prolonged feeling of being satisfied without feeling really full.  I guess that’s what real food – healthy fats, veggies, and lean protein – add up to.  Normally, I’d eat, be full for maybe an hour, then steadily get back to that starving state.  To say food was on my mind a lot is an understatement.  I was always thinking ahead to my next snack or meal.

So…what are you eating?

Like I mentioned above, it’s a pretty basic diet: vegetables, lean meat, healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado, some nuts, almond butter, and eggs.  Lots and lots of eggs.  I already knew that a scrambled-egg breakfast stuck with me longer than a bowl of cereal, but I didn’t always have time to actually cook and sometimes I just really craved a bowl of milk-soaked carbs. 

I miss those milk-soaked carbs.

What else do you miss?

  • Wine. 
  • My morning crackers and Coke Zero as well as the ritual of it.  10:00 = snack time.  I’m a creature of habit so it’s been hard to skip that snack.
  • The ease of grabbing a Lean Pocket or Lean Cuisine.
  • Subway Wednesday.  I love a good sandwich.
  • Wine.  Oh, I already said that?

What don’t you miss?

  • Feeling powerless against my cravings.  It’s very defeating to not be able to keep my hand out of the proverbial cookie jar (or candy bin in my office’s case).
  • Losing control at a party.  I love party foods.  Dips, meatballs, bready-things, all those yummy appetizers are at the top of my list.  Add a few drinks and I would eat til I felt like bursting.  And then I’d eat some more.
  • Feeling guilty for “being bad.”  I think we’ve all been here.  We have good intentions, then we end up eating huge portions or falling for the BOGO deal on Cadbury Eggs at the cash register.  Suuuuuure, one of those is for your spouse, riiiiiight.

Have you cheated?

I have.  I had a diet Coke (so good!) when I did my grocery shopping at Walmart this past Sunday, and I have added back a packet of Splenda to my hot teas.  I made it through last week without any sweetener but you know what?  Those drinks just did not taste good at all.  And I know that no matter how well this detox goes, I will be drinking my diet soda again, I just am going to make a conscious effort to drink less of it.  So I’m okay with having the fake sugar/Splenda because it’s always going to be in my diet.  I am, however, happy to be using just one packet of sweetener instead of two.

Food-wise, though, I have been really good and have stuck closely to the approved foods.  However, I think I accidentally cheated on Wednesday.  I went to Zoes and got the steak kabobs (I know, red meat!  Who AM I?) with two servings of roasted veggies.  I didn’t realize, because the menu didn’t say, that there was a glaze on the kabobs, and I’m sure there was sugar in it. 


And then yesterday was a tough day.  I know I was tired, but I don’t know if I just didn’t have enough for breakfast and lunch or what, but I was hungry (not starving like before the detox) and craving a quick hit of some calories.  I ended up grabbing a handful of caramel corn from the bin my office was gifted at Christmas.  (It was still fresh, I wasn’t THAT desperate.)

General impressions?

I am really happy that I’m doing this.  I am glad that I’m eating REAL food on a regular basis.  Convenience foods have their place, and they will be back in my life, but I hope to not be eating nearly as much of them.  Also, this way of eating and drinking is making me drink water like I did when I was pregnant.  I was already pretty good about drinking water at work because we have a water cooler and I like to drink so I tend to keep my water cup filled up.  But without my soda, I am drinking even more water.

Have you lost any weight?

I know, that’s probably all you really want to know, isn’t it?  I weighed myself last week on Tuesday, then again this week on Tuesday.  I was down 6.5 pounds that day.  For the purpose of this post, I weighed myself again this morning.  The scale was the same so my total loss is still 6.5 pounds.  Is it “real” weight?  Nah, I’m sure most of it is water weight from the lack of carbs.  But it feels good to look better in some clothes and fit better, and fit back into, other clothes. 

Are you going to finish out the 21 days?

I am going to try.  I do have Women’s Night tonight, but my plan is to not take any wine and to eat my healthy dinner beforehand so I’m not as tempted to snack.  I will make my detox known so that I have people judging watching me and that will make me less likely to reach for the foods I’m not supposed to have.

If I can make it through this weekend, then I will certainly try to keep this up through the end of next week.  The McHusband and I have our date night at the DPAC on Friday, and I know there will be some drinks, but I will see about sticking to the diet.  Shouldn’t be too hard if I order seafood and veggies for dinner.


TGIF!  Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe CONNOR was trumped by the Detox after only 26 hours!! We are much more interested in Connor's doings!

puentk said...

Thank you for sharing this insightful and honest account of the detox food plan. Sounds like something good to do or work towards at least In trying to have a healthier life!