Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing footsie

I read good things about this foot cream so I added it to my Christmas list, and Kevin and Jenny were kind enough to fulfill my wishes.

Now, I do not have pretty feet.  But even ugly feet deserve to be soft, right?  So I’ve been slathering this cream on after my shower a few times a week and then I sleep in socks.

Verdict?  My feet are softer!  The skin is noticeably improved.  I will keep using my cream regularly until sandal season so hopefully my feet won’t be too scary when they do more than peep out of the ends of my shoes.

I know you can get this cream on Amazon, but I also saw it, surprisingly enough, in the Hallmark near me.  I know, who would’ve thunk?

PS  Happy Birthday to Bri today!  It’s very fitting that I decided to write about a foot cream on her birthday because she does NOT like feet. 

You’re welcome, Bri. Smile

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Glad you are loving it! I should get some for myself now for the same reason :). Just FYI I actually got it at Bed bath and Beyond!