Thursday, January 22, 2015

Connor: Eleven Months

(I took advantage of Connor being in a good mood this past Sunday afternoon and took this month’s pictures in the den.  Sorry, Sara, no monkey this month.)

Okay, how in the world did my baby get so old?  He is almost a year old.  That means I am almost another year older.  But let’s not dwell on that…


There is no denying we have a mobile infant (Is he still an infant?) on our hands.  He is still army crawling his way across the floor.  The best part is when he’s in turbo mode and his butt wiggles back and forth like an excited puppy’s tail.  So.stinkin.cute.

(When the internet decides to cooperate, I will share a video.  For now, here’s a fuzzy photo of the army crawl stance.)


Connor is pulling up on everything: couches, the TV stand, chairs, the bathtub, his crib (inside and out), me, and even occasionally on the toys that are meant for him.  He really wishes he were just a little bit taller so he could reach the stuff on the kitchen table; in the meantime, he’s practicing his pull-ups.


Remember last month how I said he “gets” the word no, or at least the tone associated with it?  He still does, and he’s not pushing those limits yet.  But now he will also mimic us when we shake our head no; his goes side to side as well.


No talking yet, but he understands a few words.  He will look at Morgan or Monte if you say their names.  He still understands eat and the sign for it.  I’m trying to practice some basic commands like “Give me the _____” so he recognizes the request and responds with whatever he’s holding.


A new “skill,” if you can call it that, is holding the remote to his head like a phone.  I’m rarely on the phone around him so I’m guessing he picked that up from the McHusband and the sitter, or the kids at daycare.


Connor LOVES baths especially now that he has the whole tub to play in.  The other night, I was taking his clothes off in the bathroom and not in his room like I normally do.  He was standing at the tub and kept lifting his legs, trying to climb over the side of the tub to get in.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was adorable to watch him be excited and try so hard to get in.


No surprise, Connor still loves all the food he’s been given.  Veggies include carrots, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, and some cucumber he had at daycare.  He loves baked beans and seems to like black beans.  Fruity favorites are blueberries, mandarin oranges, peaches, pear, banana, and avocado.  He hasn’t turned down any meat: tilapia, meatloaf, grilled chicken, chicken sausage.  We tried yogurt this past weekend and he didn’t seem to suffer so we will give him more and more dairy (cheese!) in this next month and hopefully be able to have him on whole milk once he’s a year old or soon thereafter.


Guess who STILL has only two teeth?  We keep waiting and waiting for the top ones to come through, but they are being shy.  Hope when they do decide to show themselves, they do so as stealthily as the bottom two.


Connor still takes two naps a day and sleeps around 11.5 hours at night.  He gets four 6-oz bottles a day: one upon waking, one before his morning nap, one after his afternoon nap, and one before bed.  He also gets a small breakfast of usually oatmeal or a scrambled egg, lunch with a protein, veggie, and fruit, an afternoon snack of usually a banana or some banana and some avocado, and then his mood usually dictates if he gets a little more protein closer to dinnertime.  Sometimes during the week I put him in his chair to snack on Cheerios while I tend to the animals and get his bottle ready because I can talk to him and he’s out from under the dogs’ feet and he’s distracted from his fatigue if he didn’t nap well. 


Oh, something else Connor loves is music.  He’s partial to the tunes his toys play, but he likes a good radio song as well.  In our room, we have two music-playing toys and Connor will have them both going at once and you should see how enthusiastically he hits the buttons to get the songs going.  Then he waves his arms around and bounces his head, just moving because it feels right.  Kinda like me after too many Captain and diets!


We love our C-man!

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Sara said...

What's the noise I hear coming from upstairs??? That's Sock Monkey having a diva melt-down because he wasn't included in the photo shoot - his people will be getting in touch with your people! ;-)