Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The last day of Christmas

(I apologize for going out of order but this post was ready to go and I had boot camp last night, which means I had very little time for anything other than dinner and showering.  So just go with my out-of-order flow.)

The Saturday after Christmas, we left the McInlaws’ new house in Clover, SC and headed to Bri’s just outside of Charlotte.  The plan was to spend the day there then head home to Raleigh just after dinner.  A relatively quick visit but better than just seeing everyone for a few hours Christmas Eve.

We tried really hard to get a decent picture of all the kids in front of the Christmas tree.  I’d say we were fairly successful.


We told the kids if they sat for the pictures, then it would be time to open gifts.  We got what we wanted so it was their turn.


All Connor wanted was this old remote that Bri let him play with.





Maxie was so excited to get an umbrella.  She’s not the only one who got an umbrella; I got one too but no one took my picture.


We saved the best for last.  My mom has been needing a new computer for a while and circumstances haven’t allowed her to buy it for herself.  So the McHusband, Bri, Nate, and I made a last-minute decision to add a laptop to her gifts.


I think she liked it.


We left Bri’s at 9:15 and got home at midnight.  Was it a long day?  Yes.  Did we want to be driving so late?  No.  Was it totally worth it to sleep in our own bed and wake up in our house?  Absolutely!

Thank goodness we have a year to recover before we have to do it all again!

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