Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas in Clover

We headed to Clover on Christmas Eve, but Kevin, Jenny, and the kids arrived the next day after Santa visited their house.  Connor and Henley met once back in April, but they, um, interacted much more at this visit.


They aren’t old enough to play together, but they didn’t beat each other up too badly.


After everyone said hello and had some lunch, we moved into the den to open some gifts.  Well, we let Chase and Leah rip through their gifts then we adults took our time.


Connor had fun with the boxes and bows, no surprise there.



There was one last gift.  Jenny read a letter that had been left on the tree for Leah.


We followed the clues out to the barn.


What’s under that jumbo bag?


It’s a new bike!


We didn’t want Leah to ride alone so several of us hopped on the bikes that the McInlaws have.




Finally, we took some group shots of the whole family together.  We actually got several decent ones.  Hard to believe considering the number of moving parts and ages of those parts.


This was our first time with all of us visiting the new house at once and it worked out really well.  I hope the Nogtinis I made everyone become a Christmas tradition.  I think we all had at least one so I’m pretty sure no one would complain if they became a holiday staple.

Okay, we’re more than halfway through January, and I’m wrapping up Christmas?  Yep, sounds about right.  I’ll try to wrap up 2014 with my New Year’s Eve post this week as well.

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