Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Recipe Recap} Funfetti Crumble Bars

I couldn’t show up to Women’s Night without something sweet, especially considering this month’s hostess.  She is the first to tell you that she doesn’t excel at the party stuff and it’s just understood in general that I’m going to bring a dessert to share at every Women’s Night.  This hostess in particular counts on my contribution as the something sweet she can offer people.


I knew I wanted to make something simple and I remembered these bars.  I thought the sprinkles were fun and who doesn’t like Funfetti?


Okay, if you DON’T like Funfetti cake flavor, then these aren’t for you.  The cake mix in the crumble is definitely the dominant flavor.


The cookie bars underneath were good for being plain vanilla, but the best part about them was the texture. They were dense and chewy just like I like.


The McHusband tried these and said he was surprised by how much he liked them.  Not sure why he anticipated not being a fan, but he ate enough to more than prove that he liked them.


So how do I know that they tasted mostly like Funfetti?  Well, Women’s Night didn’t exactly go as planned.  I blame the wine.  Yep, just like Jamie Foxx says, blame it on the alcohol.  At least my neighbor had veggies for us to snack on.

I pretty much went off the detox for the weekend with the plan to get back on come Monday.  I started off on the right foot with a piece of sausage-egg-spinach casserole, but I fell into the cracker-and-Coke Zero hole mid-morning.  Okay, one step forward, one step back.  Lunch was a salad with my homemade dressing so another step forward.  Then the McHusband had some good news at work so that required champagne and dinner and there might’ve been some chips snacked on while the meatloaf cooked.

So I think I can officially declare the detox over, but I am going to continue trying to eat more real food, less processed stuff, and carbs are welcome, but they should be whole grains for the most part.

But when they aren’t whole grains, they should be thoroughly enjoyed, in moderation and without guilt.


{Recipe here}

PS  Happy Birthday to Kevin today!  And to Monte, who turns 2.  Hard to believe he was ever so small.


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