Friday, March 6, 2015

Exercise over blogging

I haven’t been a very good blogger this week, have I?  But I promise, I have a good excuse.  I was busy exercising!  After almost two weeks mostly off thanks to the winter weather and other life circumstances, it was so nice to sweat again.  And exercise cuts into my free time in the evenings so blogging moved to the back burner.

I ran in my neighborhood Monday night.  32 minutes and 32 seconds and it wasn’t just fine, it was actually enjoyable.  Temperatures were mild (for winter) and I got started before it was full-on dark.  Sure, that little bit of light only last for about 5 minutes, but I’ll take it ahead of this weekend’s time change.

I was motivated on Tuesday to do an in-home workout.  Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser suggested this quickie: warm up, then do four rounds of 15 squats, 5 burpees, and 5 push-ups.  I did 25 jumping jacks in between each round and when I was done, I did a plank-for-the-whole-body circuit from my newest Women’s Health magazine. 




Best workout ever?  No.  But it was better than nothing!

Then I had boot camp Wednesday night and it was a doozy!  Some of the circuits used weights but for the most part, it was a workout that anyone could do at home.  I plan to do just that sometimes when I can’t make it to the Y.  My heart rate monitor (over there on Instagram) doesn’t lie – over 600 calories burned during boot camp.


And the cherry on top?  I also took Monte on a 25-minute walk that night because he needed it after being cooped up so much in general and crated  while we were at work on Wednesday.

To round out the week, I went to the muscle conditioning class at the Y last night.  That class can be hit or miss but last night was a hit.  Or maybe it’s just because I was sore from the previous night’s workout.  Either way, it was what I needed.  Then I headed home to do a little cleaning up including some mopping ahead of Kevin’s visit this weekend.  Very little couch time for me the past couple of nights and that’s okay.

I get tonight off (although there may still be a walk with Monte), then it’s back to the Y Saturday morning.  Hope my track record looks similar next week.


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Gma said...

You make it look/sound so easy! Shoot, I'd be lucky to make it through one round of Dolvett's sequence!