Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday randomness

This was in the paper today.  I can relate to the extremes.  Lucky for him, I don’t make the McHusband suffer the consequences for my tumbles off the healthy-eating wagon.


Did you guys know that big cats like boxes, too?

And finally, a throwback Thursday picture for you guys.  (I think it’s my first.)

Grad pic

This was after the McHusband graduated from NCSU in December 2003.  He looks so young and I look…the same.  Is that a good thing, or am I totally disillusioned about how much I’ve aged in 10+ years?  Hmm, don’t answer that.

I don’t think I’ll talk to you tomorrow as my evening will be packed with Connor care (the McHusband is out of town for work til later), some house stuff, and a trip to Wally World for groceries for the party. 

I hope you guys have wonderful weekends!  I know at least a few of you will be spending your Saturday night with us.  Can’t wait!


McHusband said...

Or are you saying I now look old and aged?! ;) While you still retain your youthful glow.

Mom said...

Must be the facial hair adding years to your look....

McHusband said...

^^^For that reason I wish I had grown the goatee years ago when I needed a few years added to my baby face. Before I know it I'll be shaving it off in order to "gain" some of those years back, lol.