Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sorry for the radio silence yesterday.  I didn’t sit down from the time we got home from the park at 5:15 til…well, never.  We went to bed around 10:30 and that was my first moment to relax what with Connor and some chores and dinner and preparing a couple of lunches for Connor.

I had some bagels from my office and I wanted to make an official outing of feeding them to the geese at the park. Unfortunately, the geese must’ve been feeling crowded by the gazillion people at the park and sought quieter ground (water?) for the day.  So we just walked around and swung a little when a swing freed up. 

Flashback photo to last weekend in the swing in the backyard.


Know who else enjoyed the sunshine this weekend?  All the animals.  I think vitamin D should be called the peacekeeping vitamin.


You have to look closely to find Emma.  She’s in the shadow of the grill behind the litterbox top.

Please overlook the litterboxes; I was airing them out.  The boxes moved outside with the cats when they transitioned to backyard kitties but now the boxes are little houses with heated beds in them.  And don’t worry, we bring the cats in when it’s gets really cold or stays cold for days at a time.

I went for a run last night IN A TANK TOP!  It was so nice to be running when it was light and not dressed for temps close to the freezing mark.

My run was a pretty good one, but I’m a little worried about my right hip and IT band, which has been a problem before.  As I’m writing this Monday night, I don’t know how it’s feeling today but keep your fingers crossed that I’m mostly limp free.

My shirt says “I like to run because I really really really really really like food.”  Hey, if the shirt fits… Smile


Oh!  Guess what we aren’t doing any more?  Bottles!  Connor was down to 2 a day (before his morning nap and before bed) at his first birthday so I started giving him smaller bottles (from 6 oz to 4 to 2 and finally to 1).  On Sunday, I put him down for his morning nap without a bottle and he had no problems.  I figured I’d try it again at bedtime and he was fine.  We read a book a few times through instead and he went into his crib without any problems.  Can I tell you how happy I am to be able to clear those bottles out of the cabinet?

Finally, I bought some supplies for general baking as well as for our upcoming St. Patrick’s Day party (that’s right, it’s back!).  If the McHusband doesn’t eat them all first, I will be incorporating Lucky Charms marshmallows into a treat.  Did you guys know you can buy JUST the marshmallows?  A five-year-old’s (and, let’s be honest, this thirty-five-year-old’s) dream come true for just $4!

Are you wearing your green today?  If not, watch out!  You don’t want to get pinched.  (Or maybe you do!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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