Friday, March 13, 2015

More please!

We have practiced some sign language with Connor, mostly “eat,” “all done,” and now “milk.”  One we hadn’t done, much if at all, was “more.”  But Ashley knew we were doing sign language so she worked with Connor, too.  She said most of the time when she signed “more” for him, he just got impatient or screamed.  Well, turns out he just needed the right motivation: ice cream!


Ice cream makes me happy, too.


We appreciate Ashley keeping up with the sign language, and we will definitely be practice more “more” at home.

TGIF, amIright?  We’ll be busy this weekend, but I hope we’ll get to enjoy some nice weather on Sunday.  I’ve got a debilitating case of spring fever right now and the only cure is spending time enjoying beautiful weather.


Gma said...

Way to go C-Man! Ice cream makes Gma smile too and I don't even know sign language!

Gma said...

P.S. If you like ice cream, I bet you'll really, Really, REALLY like Mommy's yummy, sent from above, lip smacking, smile inducing chocolate, chocolate, chocolate brownies! Tell Ms. Ashley that's the next sign you want to learn and then flash your dazzling smile at Mommy and ask her really nicely if she'll make them. Be sure to give me a holler --- you and I can take them to the park and chow down!!!

Grammie said...

I am not sure , but the impatience and screaming may be in his McMahan gene pool!! Glad he is learning the importance of asking nicely!