Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Connor goes to Walmart with me most of the time when I make my weekly grocery runs.  Knock on wood, we have never had a meltdown and he’s rarely unhappy at all while we wander the aisles, toss stuff in the cart, and check things off the list.


We play a little game to make our shopping more interesting.  I take something off the shelf and throw it to Connor.  If he catches it, it goes into the cart and home with us.  If he misses, we put it in someone else’s cart when they aren’t looking.


I wonder if that woman was happy to find those  floss sticks when she got home…  Who knows, maybe they were something she never knew she needed.

We have Connor’s 12-month check-up this afternoon and while I’m looking forward to seeing what his measurements are, I’m dreading those shots.  I know Connor’ll get over them quickly, but man does it hurt when that needle goes in. 

Connor doesn’t like it either.


Keep your fingers crossed for my little guy today.  Yeah, we might hit Walmart after his appointment, and I’m really hoping his skills are up to par because mama needs some eggs.


Gma said...

That's a darn cute little shopper you're pushing up and down the aisles!

ouch, Ouch, OUCH!

Erika said...

I love that outfit Connor is rocking! This week I've managed 2 spin classes, step, and insanity. You're right it feels good!