Monday, December 1, 2008

New counters!

I'm going out of order here - I owe my faithful readers (all 6 of you) a Thanksgiving recap bursting with pictures, but I'm going to do a post about my new granite counters first.


The guys who installed the counters were here for a little over an hour so in that time I went from no counters (the McHusband and I removed the old ones last night) to beautiful granite counters. We chose New Venetian Gold granite and we actually got the pick the slabs that our counters came from. Pretty cool, huh?

Without further adieu, I introduce MY NEW COUNTERS:

A close-up with the cabinets:

We commissioned the breakfast bar - turned the island from a Plain Jane one-level island into a two-level breakfast bar. The McMom planted the idea of the breakfast bar in my head so she's glad we're happy with it or else I'm sure the guilt would keep her up at night. Okay, so maybe it's the late-afternoon coffee keeping her up, but I'm a Gen X-er so I'm gonna roll with the idea that it's all about us.

Back to the counters. Here's the breakfast bar:

And, just because I LOVE MY NEW COUNTERS, here's another close-up showing the cranberry-ish spots that match our counters. They were the main reason I thought this pattern would work for us.

The McHusband was lucky enough to get home from work and have to get started on putting in the new faucet, which won't be done until tomorrow because my sink, which was "included" with the counters, didn't come with drains. You know, cuz a sink having drains isn't something you expect, right?

Look, who's that down there?

It's the McHusband!

Tori inspected his work.

"Sorry, bub, but the whatchamacallit's not connected properly to the whichamajiggy so your thingie's gonna leak. And you don't want a leaky thingie."

The McHusband agreed wholeheartedly on the leaky thingie matter. Nope, you can't have one of those...


Anonymous said...

They look GREAT!!! Don't forget the sealer. Can't believe they didn't reconnect your drains! One would assume... I DO LOVE the bar! I am sure when you add the TG stuff you will also be adding the sale of the house and remove the gulp from your intro to the blog!! Finally!!! YEAH!!! TTYS

G'ma said...

Awesome job! Am duly impressed that the McHusband knows all about thingamajiggy's and whatchamacallit's! And I'm sure McMom and McDad appreciate the engineering degree they paid for -- Or perhaps it is simply due to McDad's great tutorial thruout the years? Am, of course, doubly impressed that the "inspector" was able to convey the possible leaking issue!