Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part I

Christmas with our families starts Christmas Eve with dinner with my mom and sisters and their families. The McHusband also opens his birthday presents from them that night since we don't typically see them on the 26th, and we don't want his birthday to get lost in the shuffle on Christmas.

We had our traditional Stouffer's lasagna - yum! - and hung out with the babies. Lyla had her crack pipe/nebulizer, and Owen was sweet as could be as he was passed from one set of arms to another.

Poor Lyla. She was sick with bronchitis and pneumonia in one lung. In order to loosen up the stuff in her chest, she had to have breathing treatments, which she didn't seem to mind.

And here she is playing afterward. I believe the expression for the look on her face is "baked."

Owen, with a reindeer on his butt, was full of the Christmas spirit.

Doesn't he look like a little elf with his hat on?

And, of course, my wonderful sisters pawned their kids off on me all night.

Yep, one of these days, I'm gonna have to put a stop to that. But not yet.

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