Monday, December 15, 2008


Side note: My den and kitchen were almost the same color as the garage floor. We ended up going with a shade lighter than the husband chose for the garge - Nomadic Desert instead of Latte.

Here's the den before and here's the kitchen before.

And here's how they looked once we were done painting:

The hole with my Carolers. Got any ideas for what I should put up there after Christmas?

The view from the kitchen.

The eating area. I'm desperate to get some window treatments up to add some color to both rooms. Once I put the Christmas stuff away, it's going to be pretty blah in there.

See the color inside the arch? That's what color both rooms were. So I know the new paint color isn't too exciting but, contrary to what the McHusband kept saying, it really is noticeably different from what was there before.

And even though it looks really light in this picture (courtesy of the camera's flash), the painted part of the island is the same color as the walls.

The downstairs bathroom and the dining room are probably next, but I don't think we'll get to them this year.

So, Mom, what're you doing mid-January...?

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