Monday, December 15, 2008


My mom came up this past weekend (Thank you, Mom!) and helped us paint the kitchen and the den. We chose a pretty boring neutral for the two rooms, but even that little bit of color really helped warm things up and it definitely made all the white moldings pop.

We did the kitchen on Saturday and the den on Sunday.

I think it took us almost as long to tape things off as to actually paint. The McHusband did a great job of taping along the arches and curved corners so that we'd have a nice smooth line of paint at a consistent point on all the walls.

The McHusband left my mom and I to our own devices most of the afternoon while he did manly man stuff outside, but then it was getting dark and he had no choice but to come inside and pick up a paintbrush. He worked on the island while Tucker kept him company.

My mom is the queen of trimming/cutting in (or whatever you want to call "painting around the edges") so she did that while I rolled.

She was so excited to get back to work Sunday morning that she didn't even change out of her pj's, she just grabbed a paintbrush and got to work. That's the attitude we like to see in our free labor.

Meanwhile, the McHusband was on hole duty. We have one of those lovely over-the-fireplace TV niches that neither the McHusband nor I are fond of. Since we don't like our TV over the fireplace, we have to figure out what to do with the hole. I'm actually a proponent of just sheetrocking over it, but the McHubby didn't like that idea.

Well, he didn't before he painted the hole; he might be wishing he'd gone with that idea at this point.

The McHusband's about 6'2" so I wasn't kidding about the hole being big.

After he finished with the hole, the McHusband helped me roll a second coat.

"You missed a spot."

"Are we done yet?"

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G'ma said...

And don't forget the cudos to McHusband for the EXCELLENT job he did of patching the kitchen walls where the previous backsplash was installed ... he did such a good job at patching and sanding that you can't even tell!

And as long as the caulking gun is out ... The McHusband also attended to the crown moulding and chair rail in the dining room - voile' - no more separation cracks!
Great job son-in-law -- you're hired!