Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toes and tummy time

Let's see, I've done, what, three house posts in a row? I guess I need to throw some baby pictures into the mix, huh?

Lyla has found something new to play with. And it works out great because they're always around and, now that she's found them once, hard to lose.

The McMom (a.k.a. Grammie) was down in SC last week helping out while Jenny went into the office. Here's Chase during some tummy time:

And here he is looking just like his daddy. For those of you know know Kevin - is Chase not the spitting image? Maybe it's just the bald head...

And, finally, here's Chase sleeping on the pillow Grammie left behind. He promised to take good care of it until they bring it back to her next week.

I don't know, Grammie. If Chase is anything like his Uncle McHusband, he's going to be pretty attached to that pillow and might not be willing to give it back.

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