Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baked chicken fajitas

So I've had a pack of tortillas sitting around twiddling their thumbs, and I figured it was time to put them to work. I've had them since that weekend in March when Shannon, Owen, my mom, and Amy came up and they were still fine - not stale or crunchy or moldy. I'm thinking they must be part of the Twinkie family...

Anyway, I'd read about baked chicken fajitas so I decided to give them a try. I Googled "baked chicken fajitas" for a recipe and found this one from Taste of Home. It was simple, easy, and I didn't have to buy any new spices for it - ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Look how pretty those peppers are.

I stuck the dish in the oven then saw my can of diced tomatoes with chiles and realized I'd forgotten to include an ingredient. Oops. Luckily I caught the omission right away so I just pulled the dish back out, mixed in my 'maters, and we were good to go.

It smelled wonderful.

I added some shredded Mexican cheese and pickled jalapenos to mine. Yum!

I would make these again, but I might add a step and dirty an extra pan by sauteeing the peppers and onions for about 5 minutes before mixing them in with the chicken. They were just a touch too crisp.

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