Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoo Part I

I met my mom, Bri, Lyla, Shannon, and Owen at the Asheboro Zoo this past Friday. It was pretty crowded, which was disappointing and frustrating, but we still had a great time. Mother Nature was very cooperative and so were most of the animals.

Ready to go!

We saw giraffes

and elephants.

Owen asks, "Do you see the size of that dog?"

Because dogs are dogs, but so are most other four-legged and furry animals.

Like otters.

"Hey, Lyla, say cheese!"

Owen was so cute with his big-boy haircut. I spent a fair amount of time with him hoisted up like this. Good thing I had two days of boot camp under my belt.

Look, more dogs!

Or, as the zoo calls them, bison.

Guess where the kids had the most fun? At the zoo directory. Apparently we could've walked into the zoo, spent five minutes with the directory and left, and Lyla and Owen would've had a blast.

I've got more pictures to share, and I promise not to be such a blog slacker this weekend.

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Gma said...

Yuppers, we saw some might BIG dogs!