Friday, September 7, 2012

Behind the scenes

I know you guys probably think this blogging thing I do is pretty glamorous so I hate to bust your bubbles with a reality check but I’m just keepin’ it real.


I was just taking pictures of a cupcake when the McHusband grabbed the little camera and turned it my way.



If the dining room floor is going to keep being my photo spot, I might need to get one of those gardening kneepads because that hardwood floor isn’t kind to my knees.


Friday!  Fridayfridayfriday!!!  I should get my car back today, which is reason enough to celebrate.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to borrow my company’s truck while my car’s in the shop and I do appreciate that, but I’ll also be super glad to be behind the wheel of my car again.

Guess what’s on tap for my weekend?  A twenty-mile – yes, that’s 20 – run tomorrow, then some couch time, followed by a shower and a good nap.  I need to rest up for our neighbor’s Trailer Trash Bash tomorrow night.  We’re dressing accordingly, and I promise to share pictures. 

Hope you guys have great weekends!

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McMom said...

Well, I don't know about that TTB party.....we ARE trailer trash ya know!! Sounds like it should be fun and there WILL be beer! McMom