Monday, September 17, 2012

{Recipe Recap} Steel Cut Oat Cups

Muffins on Monday!  I feel like every weekend for the past couple months has been a splurge weekend dietwise.  My food philosophy is that there’s room for treats if you plan for them.  (And even sometimes if you don’t.)  But lately, I’ve been slacking – uh, maybe that should be snacking – on the weekends, and it’s catching up to me.

So in honor of me getting back on the good-eating train, I’m sharing these healthy steel cut oat cups/muffins.


I actually made four different kinds, but the PB&J ones went fast.

I filled some with blueberries.


Some got raisins (those were for the McHusband).


And I put Nutella inside a few others.


The base recipe without any add-ins made 19 muffins, which were each about 125 calories.


I read recently that you shouldn’t commit/recommit to a good habit on a Monday, that Saturday is the better day.  But I’m typically good with my eating and exercise during the week so I think it works out best for me to do this today.

The McHusband and I are traveling to San Diego and Vegas next month so that trip is part of my motivation.  I know there will be a ton of pictures.

But back to these muffins for a second.  Yes, they’re healthy, and they don’t try to hide that fact, but they also happen to be pretty darn good.

So pick up some quick-cooking steel cut oats from Trader Joe’s and give ‘em a chance.

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