Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Charlotte: Build-a-Bear

As I mentioned last week, I went to Build-a-Bear with Bri, Lyla, and Maxie so we could use the gift card I gave Lyla for her birthday on a custom stuffed animal for her.  She had her mind set on a kitty so a kitty she got.


Maxie watched the stuffing being tossed and fluffed.


Once Lyla’s kitty was filled up and sewn shut, it was time to rinse her off and get her ready for clothes.


We walked around looking at clothes and accessories until Lyla settled on a Sleeping Beauty outfit, which we put the kitty in right away.


Allow me to introduce you to…Sleeping Beauty.


I was really glad that Bri held off using the gift card so that I could go with them to help Lyla create her personalized stuffed animal.  We had a fun afternoon at the mall, and I hope when Lyla looks at her very own Sleeping Beauty, she remembers how Aunt Steph was with her when Sleeping Beauty was born.

More on the rest of our visit soon!

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