Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What-am-I-gonna-watch Wednesday

Any other Friday Night Lights fans out there?  It remains one of my favorite shows of all time (and I’ve watched a lot of shows).  Besides the cutie-patootie football players – Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen, I’m talking about you – there was Coach Taylor and his wife, Tami Taylor, who were played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.  Two of the most amazing actors on the planet.

If you didn’t watch FNL, it’s not too late to redeem yourself.  It’s worth investing in the series on DVD.  You know, Christmas isn’t too far off if you want to ask Santa for it…

Anyway, I wish I were saying that FNL was coming back to TV, but alas, that dream isn’t coming true.  But maybe the second-best thing is having Connie Britton back on a “regular” series.  She was on the first season of American Horror Story, and she was great in that show, but it wasn’t for everyone.

Nashville just plain looks good plus there’s singing plus Connie Britton.  I couldn’t possibly pass this show up.

Nashville trailer

Quick update on one of the shows I mentioned here.  I watched the premiere episode of Ben and Kate and am very happy to report that it’s as cute as I hoped and even more entertaining.  I also watched the pilot episode of The New Normal, a new show by Ryan Murphy of Glee fame, and it was better than I expected.  Ellen Barkin’s character, the bigoted Nana, is hilarious.

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McMom said...

You need to send me your planned DVR schedule..I can't keep up with what is coming on when...guess I could check every networks schedules! I don't even know all the stations! Duuuh...McMom