Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Recipe Recap} Treats on Thursday

I’m going to bribe you to forgive me for my lack of attention to the blog this week with not one, not two, but THREE treats today.


I’ve made the non-chocolate treat before.  They are Lemon Cream Bars and they are very good. 


They are very easy to throw together.  Other than the lemons, you probably have everything in your pantry.  I’ve made these a few times, and I always use the full batch of crust on the bottom then make another half-batch and crumble that on top.


Next up is the Pretzel Crisp Toffee Bark.


I love pretzels.  And caramel.  And chocolate.  Put ‘em together and you have some very yummy treats.  I kept going back for more and I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I probably ate this stack as soon as I was done taking pictures.


The last treat is a Peanut Butter Nutella Pretzel Tart.  The McMom passed on her rectangular tart pans so I was excited to have a recipe to try in them.


I love how thick the chocolate layer is.  That drizzle across the top is chocolate’s best friend, a.k.a. peanut butter.


I loved the combination of the salty pretzel crust with the sweet chocolate-Nutella-peanut butter filling.  Heather isn’t big on the salty-and-sweet combo so this wasn’t her favorite.  But I bet she would’ve liked it more if I had done a graham cracker crust.


So there you go, you have three treats to choose from today.  If you have a reason to make something sweet this weekend, you really wouldn’t go wrong making any of these. 

Or why stop at one?  Pull a Stephie Crocker and make all three!


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And I thought they were for FRUIT tats only!!