Monday, December 23, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Brown Sugar Toffee Cookies

Hope everyone had a good weekend-before-Christmas.  I didn’t do any shopping besides grocery shopping, and we did that Friday night so even Walmart wasn’t too bad.  I did, however, spend some quality time with the tape and scissors Saturday night getting stuff wrapped.  And between my two exciting evenings, I hit the gym; we took the dogs to the dog park, ran a couple errands, and bathed the dogs; and I baked two treats and made spicy pretzels.  Whew!

{The dogs spent Sunday recovering from their afternoon in the park.}


We had some unseasonably warm weather this weekend, breaking records both days.  Can you believe it got up to 78 and 81 degrees around here?!  Those temps allowed the McHusband to get started on our first big baby project – repainting a dresser that he once used. 


We also grilled some turkey burgers for dinner Sunday night.  Burgers on the grill, windows wide open, talk of turning on the a/c – hard to believe we’re about to celebrate Christmas and not Easter.

But enough about me, let’s talk about cookies!  I made these last weekend to share with “the gang.”  You guys know I make a lot of treats and the McHusband samples pretty much all of them, even the ones that I tell him he probably won’t like.  He said these cookies were among his favorite cookies that I’ve ever made.


They were easy to throw together and there wasn’t any lag time while I waited for the dough to chill (I just hate stressed-out dough) before I could bake the cookies.


I thought they were just as pretty as they were tasty.  They spread nicely so they weren’t a lump but they weren’t super thin either.  Plus, there were that prefect consistency – just a touch of crunch on the outside that gave way to a chewy interior.


And any cookie that gets rolled in more sugar – whether granulated, brown, or powdered – is okay by me.


I had a few leftover brownies from my mom’s birthday batch so I was able to share a couple of those with the gang as well.  With a number of chocoholics in the group, I figured I had a good combo of flavors.  Surprisingly, Jeremy, one of the chocolate-lovers, opted for more cookies over his brownie so he traded Chelle for more cookies.

Now, that’s a good brownie so the fact that this cookie was preferred says something.  It would appear Emma thought they might be pretty good, too.


If you need to bake up a little something to share with family and friends this holiday, I suggest you give these cookies a try.  Eight people and one cat can’t be wrong.


Last workday this year today!  AND it’s barely a half-day.  We’re closing at 12:30 for a company lunch and then my vacation starts.  I have a doctor’s appointment today too – just a routine check-up – so I’ll be back tomorrow with a 32-week update and then probably offline for a few days.

{Recipe here}

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