Monday, December 2, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Cinn-a-Bun Cheesecake

Whoa, it’s December 2nd.  That means there are barely three weeks left until Christmas.  Crazy!  Luckily I’m doing okay on my shopping lists and once I hit the submit button on my Amazon cart, I’ll be just about done.  Done with the buying anyway, then I’ll have to pull out the paper, bows, and bags and turn my dining room into Gift Wrap Central.

But enough about Christmas, let’s go back to Thanksgiving for a minute.  The McMom had requested a Snickerdoodle Cheesecake, and I was game for making it until I saw this recipe that kicked things up a notch.


This cheesecake uses iced oatmeal cookies for its crust, then more cookies are chopped and used in not one but two layers within the filling.


Also in those layers are caramel ice cream topping and a cinnamon-sugar mixture.  Triple yum!


I’ve said before that cheesecake isn’t my favorite dessert, but this treat could change my mind on that front.


The McMom really liked this cheesecake and said it could become a tradition for Thanksgiving.  I can’t say I’d complain if I had to make it on a regular basis.


While you’re enjoying pictures of this decadent dessert, I’m sleeping in or finishing putting up my Christmas tree or getting groceries.  One of my Thanksgiving traditions is taking the Monday after off from work so I can have two days at home after traveling. 


Hope the rest of you are having a good day back at work after your Thanksgiving holidays!

{Cinn-a-Bun Cheesecake}

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McMom said...

Thanksgiving tradition? Seems that is tradition of any and all travelling weekends is it not? You deserve it and I totally can relate! McMom