Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Scenes from Thanksgiving (day)

We didn’t take nearly as many pictures as we normally do, but I’m thinking you guys might not want to be overloaded with the WHOLE long weekend at once so I’ll spread the holiday recap out over a couple of days.  Know what I only took ONE picture of and you’ve already seen it over there in the Instagram feed?  Food.  Pretty ironic considering a successful Thanksgiving relies pretty heavily on what you eat.

Jenny and I wanted to burn off some of dinner ahead of time so we went for a run just before lunch.  I hadn’t jogged any distance in quite a while so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I surprised myself and ran probably 30 of the 35 minutes we were out.


I felt good the whole time and even afterward.  But by the time we were relaxing after dinner, my lower back was really bothering me.  I couldn’t get comfortable sitting on the couch or in a chair or on the floor, where Monte joined me.

Luckily my back felt better after a good night’s sleep.

But back to Thursday afternoon.  While Jenny and I were out creating a caloric deficit (yeah right!), Leah, Grammie, and Monte were playing Memory.


Looks like Chase joined them at one point, too.


When the game was over, Monte and Morgan went out onto the sun porch to snooze in the sun.



It wasn’t long before Monte decided he needed to be within cuddling range of Morgan.  Lucky Morgan.




It’s tradition for us to have “Sacks on the Table” after dinner.  The McMom gives us all an ornament (or two and sometimes another little gift like this year’s Christmas hand towels and a onesie).


Chase was happy to open his Scooby ornament…


…but he was, uh, less than thrilled with the Christmas tree Grammie made for Leah’s dollhouse.


There was one more package opened that night, but I need to check with Jenny before I spill any beans.

The McMom requested some family pictures so we posed for her.

Jenny and me first.


Then everyone piles in.


Later that night, Monte didn’t suffer from a lack of cuddling.




I’ll be back with Friday’s pictures, hopefully before THIS Friday.

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