Monday, December 30, 2013

The Purge: Part I

I know I usually have something sweet for you on Mondays, but I didn’t do any baking this weekend.  I did some Christmas treats last week, but the only thing worth writing about was a Pumpkin Spice Éclair Cake (made like the traditional layered pudding dessert but with Pumpkin Spice Pudding and Cool Whip Frosting).  I’m glad I still have several boxes of the seasonal mix left so I can eat more of it, either plain as pudding or turned into another oh-so-fancy dessert.

I think I’m partially in nesting mode and partially just feeling the shortened timeline between now and my due date.  Less than 50 days!  But I did some much-needed and often-postponed cleaning out this weekend.  I cleaned out the cabinets under: my sink, the guest bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, and the powder room sink.  I also did the linen closet in our bathroom and totally emptied the closet in the front bedroom, which is going to be the baby’s room.

But the biggest project of the weekend was my closet.  Thank goodness the McHusband and I each have our own, or else we might not still be together.

I hadn’t gone through my dresser since, well, maybe since we moved into this house five years ago.  So I went through the drawers in addition to the clothes on top of the dresser and  hanging in my closet and stacked on the shelf and piled in the corner beside my dresser.  Some empty and organized drawers allowed me to move the remaining clothes off the top of my dresser.

But enough talk, you guys want to see my own personal Hoarders episode?









I can actually walk all the way to my shoe shelf now.





I sent so much stuff to Good Will, it was ridiculous.  I had to throw some stuff away – no one wants a white shirt with yellowed armpits or an old sweat-stained race tee – but more items should find new life in someone else’s closet than should clog a landfill.

The McHusband even got in on the action and went through his closet.  His piles weren’t quite as impressive as mine, but between the two of us, we are going to flood the Good Will here in town with some nice stuff.

I’m at home today.  I’m off tomorrow as well and then Wednesday, New Year’s Day, is a company holiday.  I hope to keep the momentum going and get more junk out of the house and other areas organized.  I also want to paint the upper third or so of the walls in the baby’s room so the McHusband can add the wall treatment on the bottom later this week.

You guys don’t work too hard today!

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