Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scenes from (the days after) Thanksgiving

The families overlapped on Friday when Jenny and Chase joined me, my sisters, my mom, and the kids at the movies where we saw Frozen.


After that, Jenny and Chase went their own way and the rest of us headed back to Bri’s for lunch and hanging out.  When the McHusband got there later in the afternoon, we dragged Shannon out to the playground/greenway in Bri’s neighborhood and asked her to play photographer.



There are more, but I won’t bombard you with them. Shannon did a great job and got some really cute shots.  When she was done with the McHusband and me, we called Bri and had her join us so the McHusband could get some shots of the three sisters.

We got some cute ones.



And some silly ones.


Speaking of silly, let’s check on those kids.



They’re all gathered around the iPad watching a What Does the Fox Say? video.


We had a lovely grilled chicken dinner with rolls, Shannon’s corn casserole, and Bri’s roasted broccoli, and then we raided the dessert buffet once the kids were in bed.  Kinda evil of us to wait until they were asleep to break out all the sweets, huh?

The next day, Kevin left early to do car stuff and Jenny was taking Chase and Leah to Discovery Place Kids so we only saw them for a few minutes.



And I’ll wrap things up with a few pictures of the fur kids.

Hard to believe Morgan was once all black except on her chest and feet.  But at 9 1/2, she’s earned the right to sport a few gray hairs.


Morgan was soon joined by Monte and the McDad.


If you look very closely, you’ll see that the McDad is about as awake as the dogs.


Another Thanksgiving come and gone and it was wonderful to spend time with those we love.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that next year at Thanksgiving, we’ll have a kid of our own at the table. 

And I’m already looking forward to having a wine glass on that table.

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