Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A brief reprieve

I hadn’t had my hair cut or colored since the weekend before Thanksgiving so Tuesday’s appointment was looooooong overdue.


Lucky for me, Vanessa offered to help me out by watching Connor while I took a few hours for myself.


(I didn’t take any pictures during the actual babysitting so this is one from when Shawn and Vanessa visited at the hospital.)

I got a picture and an “All’s well!” message from Vanessa halfway through my appointment so I was able to sit back and relax and not worry.  Not about Connor, mind you.  About whether he was treating Vanessa nicely or not.


I got a chai tea latte on the way to my appointment, made an exchange at Kohl’s, grabbed some lunch, and popped in the grocery store.  Those four hours I had to myself made such a difference (IN my head as well as on), and I am grateful to Vanessa for watching Connor.  I so appreciate that I have such wonderful friends who I can count on.

Thanks, Vanessa!

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McMom said...

Looks like Vanessa is okay in his book.